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 Typically, executives with Wes’ experience are unavailable to the public, having been recruited into in-house roles. But with a strong desire to work with a diverse set of clients, Wes started a business consultancy alongside his legal practice so that others can benefit from his experience. 

Wes believes that the necessary prerequisite of a successful company is a thoroughly vetted strategic plan. A business without a clearly-defined strategy is destined to fail.

Additionally, if you retain Wes for legal services, the strategic plan heavily influences the legal advice he will give. The plan will inform every decision you make and every negotiation point. It’s that important.

There can be many reasons why businesses fail to achieve their potential. Wes examines business operations and provides objective counsel on how administrative and operational matters may be preventing a company from reaching its goals.

Perhaps your business is thinking about taking investment or selling all or a portion of the equity. Careful pre-acquisition planning will almost assuredly result in a higher sale price. Working with Wes will make your business more attractive and more valuable to prospective investors or purchasers.

Wes genuinely enjoys planning for investment and acquisition. He will examine pricing strategies, margin, overhead, organizational structure, and corporate structure, and will help you plan for post-investment integration of the combined entities.

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